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    Our Mission

    Supporting mothers with premature babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to breastfeed successfully.

    What We Do

    We bring together maternity and neonatal units, breastfeeding specialists, and community support groups to ensure a seamless breastfeeding journey for mothers.

    We identify individual needs of mothers from birth, throughout the NICU stay, discharge, and transition back to the community.

    We bridge the gap between hospital care and community support to ensure continued breastfeeding success at home.

    Phase 1: Completed

    Supplied breast pumps and bottle sterilizers for mothers in the hospital.

    Phase 2: Ongoing

    Goal: £20,000
    Refurbish feeding rooms and establish donor milk hubs.

    Phase 3: Ongoing

    Provide mothers with breastfeeding support tools and equipment.

    Phase 4: Ongoing

    Create a care pathway and support network for mothers transitioning from NICU to home.

    Our Achievements

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